I Won't Complain

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Felton Offard
Rev. Paul Jones


In 2011 I was in Atlanta rehearsing for a tour and I was overcome by God's love. I was actually thankful that I had gotten a role in a TV series (The Playboy Club) on NBC. I think my praise lasted longer than the series. It only aired three times :-(

So I was thinking that I wouldn't have to take the Jersey Boys tour that would take me away from my family for long periods at a time but I had peace that even if I did everything would be ok.  I came up with this arrangement of this gospel classic.  It is primarily an instrumental version with a vocal bridge that I added.  Prince Reed and Marsha Lynn Smith provide the vocals yet again.


I won't complain.

I won't complain.

I won't complain. He has been so good to me.

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