1. Gimme

From the recording Gimme

This is my homage to my heroes from the 70's. The title is taken from an ad lib that James Brown said in his hit "Superbad". I am a child of the 70's and grew up listening to James Brown, Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and other funkateers.  I had so much fun in my studio channeling James, Bootsy and George and Felton :-)    I played all the instruments on the track except the piano solo which was contributed by my old friend and Barry Manilow's music director, Ron Walters Jr. or R Dub 2.
I'm joined on vocals by my colleague at Chicago State University, DoLisha Miller-Pleasant who is a fabulous opera singer but here she is just jiving with me.  This tune is mad funky !


Gimme, Gimme 
Various ad libs.