1. Higher Law

From the recording Higher Law

This tune is written as an answer to Reciprocity. The two songs are also related in terms of key relationships.  Reciprocity ends on an F suspended chord. That ending is what composers have used for hundreds of years to give a piece an unresolved feeling.  Higher Law is in B flat minor so there is a Dominant to Tonic resolution at the end of Reciprocity going into Higher Law. That resolution was intentional. 

Higher Law is intended to be a aural palette cleanser, coming after the dense tunes that preceded it. I played guitar and bass on it. Loren McGee does a wonderful rhodes piano solo, YL Douglas on drums and the lovely and talented Marsha Lynn Smith contributes the vocals.


There is a higher law than what we're acting on. There's mercy, there's grace, and there's love.
The Lord has so much more than what we're asking for.  There's mercy, there's grace and there's love.