1. Invincible

From the recording Invincible

We came up with the music during a writing session at my home. I happened to highlight two beats of another song we were working on and said to Loren, "man that's funky ! We have to do something with that !" Those two beats became the foundation on which the tune was based. It was originally intended as an instrumental track. During my three hour ride back from taking Loren home I was just singing and was blown away at the amount of work we'd done in two days. We cranked out four tunes and they were all bangin' !  I was so excited that I was just praying and singing and I said "Thank you God, you blow my mind with the things you do.  When you're standing by my side there's nothing I can't do, I am invincible !"   My prayer and praise was really the "feltonized" version of what the Apostle Paul said in Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things through Christ which strengths me".


You blow my mind with things you do. You blow my mind, it's ture. You blow my mind with your sweet love. You blow my mind, it's true. When you are standing by my side there's nothing I can't do. You make me stronger than the test, I am invincible (repeat)