From the recording I Love You Mama

I was asked to write a mother's day song that the Ashro Records company could offer as a free download to their customers. I wrote the song and enlisted Chris Jackson to sing and Loren McGee to do the programming and I played guitar. I think it is a wonderful song with universal lyrics that truly express my and so many other's experience with their own mothers. I think most people can relate to this song.


Verse 1 I remember like yesterday. You would take me by the hand and say “Baby be careful when crossing the street make sure you look both ways”. Movin’ on to my first heartbreak when he said he had to go away. “There’ s other fish in the sea please believe me you will love again”. Pre chrorus Now that I am older and I’m finding things out on my own. I realize your sacrifice so I had to pick up the phone and tell you that… Chorus Mama, God never made a greater gift than mama. It’s true. There’s no greater love, she’s sent from above. She’s God’s blessing for you. Mama it sounds so simple but true there’ll never be another you. So I had to call and say just how I feel, I love you momma. Verse 2 Dear mama how you feel today ? I know sometimes you have those aches and pains. “Mama’s all right baby these things come with time and I can handle it”. Oh mama I just wanna say. Wish that I could take the pain away. “Baby don’t fret cause God ain’t through with me yet. I still got work to do”. Pre chorus Chorus Bridge: Though the years they take the toll. Your love is always warm. You help me carry on. When I’m weak you are strong…… Chorus