From the recording Send Agape Love

I was sent this song by my two very talented cousins, Loren McGee and Jarrett Johnson. They sent this tune to me with just Jarrett singing the melody. They didn't like the track they came up with and they wanted me take a fresh look at it. I came up with kinda bossa nova thing.  I recorded it with a live band that included YL Douglas, John Toney, Michael Mitchell.  We all loved the tune ! Loren came by the studio and couldn't believe the changes. He loved them as well.  
Agape love is loosely translated as 'charity'.  In the lyric, we are invited to "open up our hearts and send agape love all across the world".


Send agape love, love, love. Send agape love all across the world. (repeat) In a world only looking out for itself, what if we had a hand of love to express to someone else. When you know, know of someone out there in need, why not take from what He's blessed you with and sow a seed of love..yeah. repeat chorus. Open up your heart, consider for a moment what He's done for you. It shouldn't be too hard after all He's brought you through. He gives you more and goes beyond so take a lesson from this song, reflect His image onto everyone. So why not ( why forgive and forget)? Instead of holding onto (heartache you'll one day regret). It's so much easier to (love and let go) keep it unconditional, cause that it what He asks of all of us so.. Send agape love, love, love. Send agape love all across the world. (repeat)