From the recording Suenos (Sway Tonight)

I was in Philadelphia rehearsing for the Second National of Jersey Boys and finally got a day off after two plus weeks without a break.  I picked up my guitar and started working on this song. I can't remember my initial lyric idea but I emailed the tune to Chris Jackson and he came up with some instrumental ideas. He laid the bass, keys, and the drums but alas no vocal idea. So I'm driving to teach at Chicago State University and the lyric "Suenos" pops into my mind.  So I'm thinking, 'suenos has something to do with swaying' (wrong!!!!!) Suenos means 'dream' but I couldn't let that stop me. I put "Sway tonight" and Dream together and called it a day.
Now the funny thing is that Chris' wife is Latin/English singing sensation Veronica Vazquez and that knucklehead didn't know what Suenos meant either.  At least I've got an excuse, I'm not married to a woman Latin singing sensation.  Anyway, Chris and Veronica put some serious love on Suenos and it is a fun danceable song.  In fact this is the second husband and wife duo on this cd.  Who'd thunk it?


Baby come get me, let's sway tonight. Sway tonight. Honey you got me, let's sway tonight. We'll do it right. Suenos. Suenos. Suenos. Suenos. Dream